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deviantaccumulation asked: For the character headcanons thing: Thomas Nightingale (you know you want to)


you read my mind <3

  • What they smell like:
    Something expensive and classy. I’m not well-versed in the world of men’s cologne so I can’t name anything, I’m afraid, but you can bet your bippy it costs a fortune and he’s been using the same one for, like, sixty years (and Peter loves it, even if he can’t name it either, but he recognises it by smell as ‘Nightingale’s scent’ and okay maybe he once spent like an hour in a shop smelling all the different testers until the sales people kicked him out and he still hadn’t found the one Nightingale uses, but it wouldn’t even surprise him if the posh bastard has it shipped from abroad somewhere anyway)

  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):
    On his stomach or on his side, curled in on himself a bit. I imagine he’s the kind of person who needs his sleep, even if he doesn’t always manage to get it. He’s such a neat, ordered person, I can really see him cherishing those eight hours a night. Early to bed, early to rise, if he can manage.

  • What music they enjoy:
    I believe it’s canon he’s into jazz, but then, everybody in Aaronovitch’s books seems to be (seriously, I don’t know a thing about jazz and I know hardly anyone who does, it’s weird). It’s probably easy to think he’s sort of stuck with the music from his youth, but I like to think he did get exposed to music over the past century and likes some stuff that came out after WW2, too (after all, he’s turned out to enjoy the cinema, so it’s not that much of a stretch to think he’d at least enjoy some more modern music too)

  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning:
    Oh God, ages. The man is vain, okay. Just look at his damn wardrobe.

  • Their favorite thing to collect:
    Considering his thing for flowers I think he could have this scrapbook where he keeps dried flowers in. It’d be cute. It could be this thing he started when he was older, maybe, thinking it was the sort of thing he’d devote time to had he been able to properly retire, but then he just kind of didn’t die and kept on doing it so now he has a whole pile of notebooks that Molly dutifully keeps dust-free and he wonders if he shouldn’t stop at some point but, you know, habits.

  • Left or right-handed:
    I think he’s right-handed, even if it’s just because he was born in an age where any child would be forced into right-handedness even if he wasn’t naturally.
Is the Nightingale going to show his face at some point?’
‘He’s about,’ said Lesley.
‘I’d heard rumours about him, but I’d always thought they were exaggerations. Man, he’s something.’ Varvara Sidorovna grinned and suddenly looked eighteen and fresh off the wheat fields. ‘I’ve never met anyone that fast with that much control before. No wonder the fascists put a price on his head.’

—Broken Homes, Ben Aaranovitch (via bakingforthedoctor)

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To the anon who sent me the fic prompt: no need to feel demanding when you request fic for these memes. I (and, I suppose, other people who reblog this sort of thing) wouldn’t reblog them if we didn’t want people to request things (and tbh I’m always far more sad when I get no prompts and end up thinking ‘huh, do people hate my fic that they don’t want me to write something for them?’ while I’d never think ‘ugh, how dare that person prompt something from me?’). So no need to be shy. :D

Anyway, I will most definitely write a little something for you, hopefully tonight or tomorrow. Not sure if I’ll manage to get spanking into the ficlet, but I can get them to tie each other up. ^^ Also, thank you, glad you like my writing. :))

Waaah, can’t read it because I haven’t read the books … yet.

You should totally read the books. They’re well written, funny, and incredibly slashy. And they’re very pleasant to read (“süffig” wie man so schön sagt). I went through them in a really short time despite my horrifying reader’s block because I just couldn’t STOP. And I say this as someone who usually doesn’t like first person narrators nor fantasy that’s set in our world, but both work so very well in these books.

(If you’re interested in reading the fic regardless, I can send you an edited spoiler-less version? Because the spoilers are really just on the level of “he was sad after a bad thing happened in canon” in one sentence. So I don’t know how interesting fic about characters you don’t know yet is, but if you want to read it, it’s really no trouble for me. :))