I'd be embarrassed but shame was never my forte

housecreepy replied to your post “There are few things more satisfying than finally blacklisting…”

oh YES. I haven’t followed a personal blog in months because of this; just octopus blogs.

I really want to follow new people, but whenever I look at someone’s blog I see too much of fandoms I don’t like (even though rationally I know they wouldn’t show up on my dash, at least if people tag them) or dumb opinions that I would scroll past if I already knew that person, but that irritate me in a stranger. ;) I guess I’m still too much in the LJ mindset of “friending people I’ve actually talked to”.

There are few things more satisfying than finally blacklisting something that has been mildly irritating you for the past weeks/months. And every time you see the words “X made a post containing [stupid shit you no longer have to see on your dash]”, you feel so very accomplished.

Unfortunately, you also move from “midlly irritated” to “annoyed as fuck” every time an untagged post with that thing pops up on your dash because you’re not used to seeing it anymore.